• Why Supima® Cotton Blanks?

    There has been a lot in the news about misrepresented cotton. With retailers passing off substandard cotton as "Premium Egyptian cotton", we want our customers to have information and transparency for their cotton products. That is why we only use the finest quality cotton with partners like SUPIMA®.


    We want to provide this information for our wholesale customers as it can help build their brand. Providing the consumer with the right knowledge helps educate about what quality cotton truly is and aids the consumer in making better purchasing choices in regards to quality.


  • Supima® Explained

    The SUPIMA® trademark is the consumers’ guarantee that the branded textile product they are buying contains U.S.- Grown Pima Cotton. By licensing the entire supply chain (that’s right, the entire supply chain) SUPIMA® provides added assurance to customers that SUPIMA® trademarked goods are made with 100% U.S. Pima cotton.


    Only SUPIMA® licensees are authorized to use the official SUPIMA® Hang tag. There is added value to using the SUPIMA® trademark- it means a brand is associated with the highest quality apparel. To maintain the premium focus of the trademark, the SUPIMA® license is non-transferable. This allows SUPIMA® visibility throughout the supply chain of the use of its trademark, as well as to control the quality and integrity of products that bear the SUPIMA® name.


    When building our company it was imperative to us that we useSUPIMA® cotton as it certifies that we are dedicated to providing sustainable and high-quality products to our wholesale customers. Being eco-friendly when it comes to producing garments should not be an option or an afterthought, rather it should be at the forefront of one's standard of production.

  • Traceability Unlike Any Other

    SUPIMA® utilizes forensic science to test the natural fiber itself and verify its place of origin. To ensure this, SUPIMA® has partnered with Oritain, a global leader in forensic science.


    Without clear knowledge of the origin of a product it is impossible to definitively talk about the product. The ability to authenticate cotton to its point of geographical origin enables an open dialogue about all relevant facts, including point of origin, sustainability, and social and economic responsibility aspects. Unlike other technologies that are dependent upon the addition of a tracer or marker.

  • How do I know if my products are made with Supima®?

    Oritain uses a peer-reviewed methodology to analyze trace elements and isotopes to determine a products origin. These trace elements and isotopes, which are unique to their environments and regions are absorbed by the cotton fiber. By sampling the cotton over the entire producing region, Oritain has created an origin database that samples can be checked against. This is one way SUPIMA® Cotton has certified traceability.